You are fully covered here at Smart Birdy! We want you to have the best experience possible & we're here to ensure you always have a functioning product. Your suitcase purchase includes exceptional coverage & Birdy's complimentary extended warranty. All brand new luggage purchases include a full product protection warranty. Once the standard warranty expires, you are still covered for life! The 'Standard Warranty' will automatically switch to 'Limited Warranty' from then on. All Birdy luggage purchases are also approved for our sustainable 'Trade-In Program' in the case you want to change colors or upgrade models down the line. For immediate assistance, send an email to the address below, you'll speak to a real person!



Warranty covers all factory, manufacture, and construction defects. Irreparable damages like broken wheels, handles, zippers, etc. are protected. Warranty does NOT include normal wear & tear usage, exterior marks & cosmetic damages. (See 'Handling' section below for more details)


Birdy will replace any warranty approved damaged product with a brand new one. If we are sold out of the product purchased, we will offer to replace in a different color. If the product has been discontinued, the warranty replacement will be of equal value or the option to upgrade for a small fee. Birdy covers all shipping costs for standard warranty, unless there’s special circumstances. If the damage is repairable, Birdy will offer to repair the item, or pay for the cost of the repair if handled locally. 


*If an issue should occur while on a trip, email us right away as we’ll try our best to ship a brand new Birdy to your destination to travel home with.










*Original Birdy is now discontinued. Warranty covers 'Essential Birdy' replacement or $399 'Deluxe Upgrade


Once your standard luggage warranty expires, Birdy's Extended Limited Warranty is automatically set in place from then on. The Limited Warranty allows customers to replace their cosmetically damaged Birdy for $299+ Essential & $399+ Deluxe. Rates may vary depending on the circumstance.


*If a product order has been delivered by FedEx but stolen from property after delivery, customer can use the limited warranty. 


Send us an email with a description of the issue. Please include the order # OR first & last name, as well as picture(s) or video of the damage. One of our product specialists will be in touch.


Birdy's warranty does not cover exterior scuffs & damages. So here's some boarding tips for unexpected airline gate-checks.


PRO TIP | Get the Birdy Protective Tote Bag for unexpected baggage gate-checks. Included with luggage bundles Or sold separately. If you're requested to gate-check your bag on aircraft, ask the flight attendant if they would kindly place the Birdy in the coat or captain's closet :)


*See 'Product Handling' bottom section for more care, cleaning & prevention tips. Proper care & usage will help your Birdy last a lifetime!


Birdy's sustainable trade-in program allows you to swap out your Birdy luggage (in any condition - as long as it functions). Depending on the bag's shape, we offer around a 50% credit of the price you paid towards a new Birdy luggage. The better condition, the higher the credit. Whether you're looking to change colors or upgrade to a newer model, we're always looking for used Birdys. This not only allows our 'Original Birdys' to transition to one of our stackable editions (Essential or Deluxe), it also helps supply our annual 'Pre-Owned Refurbish' sale. So it's a win-win for everyone & something exclusive we offer only here at Birdy! 


In the case that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 7 days after delivery to request a full refund of the product. Customer is responsible for return shipping & package must be delivered. For a full refund, the product must be in brand new condition, never used. All tags & packaging attached, with both white & brown boxes. Customer has 7 days after the return has been approved to ship back the product for a full refund. Subject to a $35+ fulfillment fee for delays or difficulties. There are no returns on orders that have used a promo code on an item that is already on sale. 
* If you have plans to travel during the delivery through 7 day return window, please let us know beforehand by reaching out to hello@smartbirdy.com. 



Send us an email with your order number within 7 days after delivery to request a refund. One of our team members will be in touch & provide the return address. 
  1. Customer is responsible to ship back the product to Birdy HQ in California. Return shipping tracking must be provided by customer to avoid a $35 processing fee. This is to help ensure a swift & safe delivery.
  2. The product must be delivered for a refund. If the package is lost by shipping provider, Birdy is not responsible. 
  3. Upon package return, Birdy conducts a full quality inspection prior to issuing a refund. 
  4. After the product's condition is determined & accepted, refund is issued. Refunds can take up to 5-10 business days for processing.


No problem! In the case that you would like to exchange the color or style of your purchase, you have 7 days after the delivery to request an exchange at no extra charge. Product must be in brand new condition, never used. All tags & packaging attached, with both white & brown boxes. Client is responsible for all shipping costs & responsible for the return delivery.




Smart Birdy offers a loaner program where customers who order a 'pre-order' bag may qualify to receive a loaner bag from Smart Birdy for their upcoming trip, while they wait for the original order. A loaner bag is a borrowed Birdy bag that will be swapped out with the new luggage once the new piece arrives and is back in stock. 

All people who have decided to borrow a loaner bag from Smart Birdy have agreed that they cannot cancel their original order. In the case where the loaner bag has been shipped and is not in acceptable condition for the customer, the customer must contact Smart Birdy within 7 days of the loaner bag's arrival and the loaner must be returned within 30 days of receiving the bag. After 30 days, we no longer can accept a cancellation of the original Smart Birdy order. 



• Warranty does NOT cover normal wear & tear, or exterior marks. Handle with care & treat as you would a handbag and as ‘carry-on’ luggage only.
• In the case of unexpected gate-check by airlines, use the Birdy protective tote as a cover (included with all bundles purchases OR sold separately). We do not recommend checking the luggage, as Birdy does not cover airline baggage handling.


• It’s suggested to roll the case to the side or front of you to handle bumps best. When pulled behind, make sure it’s not too low to the ground to avoid floor scuffs.


• When attaching & traveling with luggage and the shoulder strap, make sure to clip the strap on the front side of the extended handle. This will avoid the scuffs on strap, as it could potentially the floor when bag is rolled behind or at an angle.