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I could not believe how much I packed into my Birdy! I originally bought one as a weekender bag, and ended up replacing my old suitcases for two stacking Birdys. Best part is that I can carry-on both Birdy bags onto flights!

Janice C. | Birdy Jetsetter since 2019

Opening up my Birdy for the first time was an experience in itself, she’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. So many accessories & functional features. It’s refreshing to see a brand put so much thought & details into their product, backed with excellent customer service with real people. Exceeded my expectations!

Lily W. | Birdy Jetsetter since 2020

I receive more compliments on my Birdy luggage than any product I own. The charging battery is a lifesaver, it saved many important calls when my phone was dying. You’ll never see me on a trip without my Birdy bag!

Giovanna V. | Birdy Jetsetter since 2017


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"Best luggage for a girls trip getaway and worth the splurge!"

-NBC's Today Show