Yep! We have even travelled with two Wings bags, one as a ‘personal item’ by using the shoulder strap, and the other like a suitcase to be used as your ‘carry-on’.

Yes! Because the battery is removable, Birdy is approved to bring in the carry-on luggage. If you decide to check your Birdy with the airlines, the battery must be removed & taken with your carry-on.

About 50 different items ranging from shoes, tops, pants, make up bags, etc. This bag can accommodate for a 1-week trip, depending on how you pack. If you tend to over pack, make sure to check out our social media for packing checklists and guides on how to maximize space in the Wings bag.

Yep, just like a charm. For effortless lifting, use the bottom support strap when placing it into the overhead.

Birdy will fit under aisle seats only on smaller aircrafts like 'express jets' for short distances. These planes have less overhead space, therefor they designed the seats to have more room for undercarriage.

Not to worry! There is a Birdy Tote that either comes with the Wings Set & Upgrade, or can be purchased separately. The Birdy fits perfectly in the large bag, and has shoulder straps to tie on top to keep the protection secure.

Both Android and iPhone! The battery can also charge other devices like iPad, tablet, speaker, and whatever USB cord that will fit into the power bank!