Smart Birdy was founded by a woman, for women. We’re best known for our signature round Birdy suitcase, which was designed for female travelers around the globe. Since the launch of the company in 2016, Birdy has grown into a team a women who are dedicated to creating the best travel experience for our ‘Birdy Jetsetters’ through our smart & innovative one-of-a-kind luggage collection.


"Smart Birdy was inspired by my favorite hat box case that I traveled with for years. I always wanted to bring her on trips, so I set aside my black rolling suitcase which ended up turning me into the Savvy Jetsetter I am today.

The round shape was easier to maneuver, & transformed my packing habits by utilizing the open space more efficiently. Not to mention, her unique look received endless amounts of compliments! There were just a few things missing... So that's when I decided to reconstruct the hat box into innovative suitcase, by integrating fashion, function and technology."


Smart Birdy luggage is a sophisticated way to travel the world. Each piece is designed to hold your essentials, keep you connected on the go, and streamline travel by allowing you to breeze past baggage claim.

Our premium leathers and built-in tech features make Smart Birdy luggage the essential companion for jetsetting women around the world.


Being a Birdy Jetsetter means you’re a sophisticated, savvy traveller with a taste for luxury.

From Los Angeles to Melbourne to Bora Bora, our community of Birdy Jetsetters have spread their wings to all corners of the globe. So come join the flock, all you need is WINGS!