Learn How To Roll

Like a Birdy Jetsetter

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Pack More Into Birdy


 Tops 5X
 Bottoms 4X
 One-Piece 3X
 Active 3X
 Athleisure 4X
 Lounge 3X
 Shoes 4X
 Accessories 6X
 Jackets 2X
 Bra 4X
 Panty 8X
 Socks 4X

First, start by selecting clothing & accessory pieces and then style for outfits

Second, pack shoes in the bottom compartment
Third, Now it's time to Roll, Pack & Stack clothes

Birdy's Packing Instructions

  • Fold clothes in half, and press flat
  • Roll tightly from one end to the other
  • Pack into suitcase, placing larger items first
  • Layer several rolled clothes pieces in a row
  • Then stack another layer of rolled clothes row
  • Tightly stuff smaller rolled clothes in the rest of the open space
  • Once filled up, pull the Birdy lid down and zip for closure
  • Pull the zippers on each side half way, so the pulls meet in the middle
  • Then you're good to go!

Start your travels off right with a Complimentary Birdy's Packing Checklist


Founder A List

Founder A List

Abby Listo is the solo Founder • Owner • Designer • Operator for Smart Birdy. Having started her career in Experiential Marketing working for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water & Unilever, she gained hands on experience in product sales & promotions.

Her offline marketing approach was intriguing to Silicon Valley’s Digital Tech Industry, which helped her land several jobs as an early stage employee for some of today’s most known start-up companies: Uber, IAC’s Urbanspoon, Glamsquad, Soothe & Jetsmarter. By age 26 she had worked her way up to Head of Marketing for the fastest growing company in the world (Uber).

These career experiences proved invaluable, as they provided the foundation & confidence for her to go out and start her own company. After an inspiring trip to Spain, and one lucky introduction to a manufacturer in 2015, the initial descent of Smart Birdy’s Journey began.

After almost 2 years of perfecting the Wings Jetsetter design, Smart Birdy was finally ready to sell online. AList started out by building a Crowdfunding Campaign (Kickstarter) which launched in 2017, to help with the beginning production costs.

Fast forward to today, over $1M in sales have been exclusively sold on the website (in less than 2 years). Client’s feedback is exceptional, as Birdy’s a hit with female travellers globally.

To ensure the highest level of quality, Founder AList moved to Guangzhou, China last year, to co-live & personally oversee production. She works with the factory directly & sources materials on her own.

As well as manually quality checking every bag before they are shipped to the US. She’s dedicated her life to this brand with the mission of:

‘Designing the best suitcase in the world for a woman’

By blending her passion for travel, business & design, AList has created one Rare Birdy: The Smart Birdy Wings Jetsetter Luggage. The only rolling case in the world that airlines consider both a Personal Item & Carry-On Suitcase, allowing you to ‘Board with 2x Birdys’!

Being a Birdy Jetsetter means you’re a savvy & sophisticated traveller with style, so fly that you’re instantaneously elevated to Sky High Status. So come join the Flock, all you need is W I N G S.

- Abby Listo | AList