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WINGS 2.0 Quad-Set

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Choose Any 4x Birdy 2.0 Stacking Styles Each Bag Includes 10x Accessories Smart Birdy WINGS Jetsetter Luggage Integrating a Sophisticated Blend of:
Fashion • Function • Technology

 WINGS is more than just a suitcase, She's a Full 11x Piece Luggage Set
Including: 10x Multi-Functional Accessories & 15+ Innovative Features
Instantaneously elevating any traveler into a Stylish Jetsetter
WINGS is the only luggage airlines consider both a 'Personal Item' & 'Roller' 
Allowing You to Board with 2x Birdys!  
This provides the maximum packing space for 5-10 days of outfits
Come & Join • The Smart Birdy Jetsetter Flock •
Upgrade to Sky-High Status | All You Need is
W  I  N  G  S